Slow Down, Woman!

Stop! Smell the flowers. Resume tearing through your life like a maniac.


I must say, I was pretty proud of myself this morning. I was on my usual morning route, taking teenagers to school. As I rounded the corner into the neighborhood, a group of children walked toward their school, and toward my car, taking up much of the road. I came to a complete stop, feeling a sense of pride for keeping these children safe. They moved to the side of the road, and I pulled forward and around them. As I went by, one of the boys yelled out “Slow down, woman!”

I was taken aback. Didn’t he know I had just kept him and his friends safe by stopping while they got out of the way? But then I smiled. I hadn’t really been that heroic. The boy was right. I came around the corner quickly, and stopped completely when I saw the children. When they were out of the way, I turned my steering wheel away from them, and stepped on the gas…not realizing how fast I was driving. Yes. I needed to slow down. Truth from the eyes and heart of a child.

So where do I go from here? Tomorrow is a new day. I will work at having a lighter touch on the gas pedal. I will try to be more aware of my surroundings, and of speed limits. I will concentrate on being present in the moment rather than allowing my mind to wander as I drive. And so we shall see what tomorrow brings…


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